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Published: 2020-10-16

What is BigQeury?

BigQeury is a famous data warehousing engine that can be used to analyze big data at high speed. In this article, we will introduce the usage, advantages and disadvantages of BigQeury.

How to use BigQeury

Load data.

Once you have created a GCP project, you can load the data you want to store and manage. There are three ways to do this: “fix the project”, “check a publicly available dataset”, or “use an external data source”.

Create a dataset.

Create a dataset.

Set the dataset ID. The other values can be left as default for now.

Create the table.

To collect the structured data, we will create a table.

Once the table is created, just run the query. Let’s see if the results match the data we have loaded.

This was a simple introduction to using BigQeury. After that, you can try different settings depending on your needs.

Advantages of BigQeury

Fast processing speed

BigQeury is fast because it stores data by columns. Compared to general database management systems, the amount of data within a given period of time is smaller, allowing for a higher compression ratio.

Also, since queries are conveyed in a tree structure, they can be distributed over a wide scale. It is recommended for high-speed analysis of big data because it executes processing in a tree-like fashion from the root server.

Reasonable price

BigQeury does not charge any fees other than the following

  • Active storage (up to 10GB free)
  • Long-term storage (up to 10GB free)
  • BigQuery Storage API
  • Streaming Insertions
  • Query (on-demand, free up to 1TB per month)
  • Query (monthly subscription)
  • Query (annual subscription)

There are free quotas for active storage, long-term storage, and query (on-demand), which is recommended for trial use.

Disadvantages of BigQeury.

Processing speed can be slow.

BigQeury is a best-effort service, so processing speed may be slow depending on your environment. Although it gives you 2,000 slots as a default, the actual speed cannot be expected that much. If there are not enough slots, processing will be suspended until one becomes available. The timeout is about 6 hours after the query is executed.


BigQeury is a data warehousing engine provided by Google. Its performance is very high, and it is suitable for managing membership information and sales data. If you want to analyze big data, please give it a try.

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