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Published: 2020-10-16

What is CloudSQL?

CloudSQL is a high performance cloud database, provided by Google. In this article, we will introduce how to use CloudSQL and its advantages and disadvantages.

How to use CloudSQL

The steps to use CloudSQL are as follows: 1.

  1. access GCP
  2. create an instance of Cloud SQL Create a database 4.
  3. connect to the database

Each of these steps is explained in detail below.

Accessing GCP

First of all, let’s access GCP so that we can use it; CloudSQL can be used only after GCP is available.

Create an instance of Cloud SQL.

Create an instance of loud SQL and select the database engine.

Here you can set the instance ID and password. The other settings can be left as default for now.

Create the database.

Create a database. It’s easy, just enter the database name.

Connect to the database and operate it with SQL.

Once you have done this, you just need to connect to the database and perform operations in SOL. Give commands according to your usage.

Advantages of CloudSQL

Abundant use of database resources

CloudSQL allows you to use a huge amount of database capacity. This is because you can build a number of databases as instances in the cloud.

Because of the limited capacity of ordinary databases, it is difficult to run applications that use GAS. For example, Google Spreadsheet can only accept up to 5 million cells, which makes it cumbersome to manage as the amount of data increases. It is also necessary to use techniques such as dividing the data into multiple sheets.

Automatic backup

Google automatically backs up your data, so you can concentrate on developing your application. Even if you lose your data, you can restore it without any hassle. You can also immediately delete any faulty data and restore it to an instance on Cloud SQL.

Automatic maintenance.

CloudSQL performs regular maintenance for bug fixes and security measures. You can even set a time frame to specify the time. With regular updates, you will be able to develop with high security.

Disadvantages of CloudSQL

Higher fees

Some people say that the fees for the various functions using CloudSQL are high. However, since the second generation of CloudSQL, the functionality has improved, and it seems that there are fewer people who are dissatisfied with the price. Since this area is subjective to the individual, we recommend that you try it out and make your own decision.


CloudSQL is a highly functional and easy to use cloud database service. If you use an instance, you can manage applications that require huge amounts of data without any problems. There is also an automatic backup function, so you are well prepared for data loss. The cost performance is high, so please give it a try.

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