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Published: 2020-10-16

What is Google Compute Engine?

GCE allows you to build a virtual machine with high specs, and since you can use Google’s infrastructure, many of you may be considering installing it. In this article, we will introduce how to use GCE and its advantages and disadvantages. The explanation is easy to understand even for beginners, so please refer to it.

How to use GCE (Google Compute Engine)

The basic usage of GCE (Google Compute Engine) is as follows.

  • Log in to GCP
  • Open the GCP navigation menu
  • Click “VM Instance” under Compute Engine.
  • Click the “Create” button.

In the Create Instance screen, enter various items. The typical items are as follows

  • Name: Name of the VM (cannot be changed)
  • Region: The region where the machine’s resources are located (US for the free plan)
  • Zone: Location within the region
  • Machine configuration: Virtual hardware settings (CPU, memory, etc.)
  • Boot disk: Disk to boot from
  • Image: Image used to create the boot disk

The above items, however, can be left as is without any problems. In the beginning, it is recommended to create a virtual machine for now and try various functions. The other items can be set freely after you get used to GCE.

Advantages of GCE

  • You can use the high-performance infrastructure owned by Google.
  • You can create a virtual machine of your own choice with low cost.

Google is a world-famous Internet-related business, with a wealth of services using the most advanced IT technologies. Its search engine, in particular, is the most widespread in the world and boasts a market share of over 70% in Japan.

The merit of GCE is that you can use this kind of Google IT infrastructure. For example, the big data analysis technology cultivated through the search engine can be used for data analysis at GCE. If you have a huge amount of big data in your company, marketing analysis will be easier.

In addition, GCE provides resources such as CPU and memory with high specifications, and the cost for machine performance is low, perhaps due to Google’s abundant funds, making it more affordable than other services. If you can build a virtual machine of your own choice and set the specs appropriately, you will benefit greatly. [See also.] (https://sem-journal.com/other/searchengine-share/)

Disadvantages of GCE

  • Not much information available in Japanese.

GCE is not widespread in Japan, and there is not much information in Japanese. There are some explanation pages in Japanese, but they are not machine-translated, and you need to have a certain amount of knowledge to understand them. If you can’t get the information in English, it’s difficult to use.


GCE is a service that allows you to build a virtual machine with high specs, where you can perform the latest big data analysis and machine learning under the advanced infrastructure owned by Google. It is very functional, so you can use it for your own marketing analysis and purchase prediction.

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