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Published : 2020-11-09   Lastmod : 2020-11-18

Google Cloud Natural Language API

In this article, we will introduce the usage, advantages and disadvantages of Google Cloud Natural Language API. In this article, I will introduce how to use Google Cloud Natural Language API and its merits and demerits.

How to use Google Cloud Natural Language

From the navigation menu of GCP, check if the Google Cloud Natural Language API is enabled.

If it is enabled, jump to the admin page to get the API key.

Now, prepare the text data and follow the REST API to make JSON requests.

Benefits of Google Cloud Natural Language.

Analyze text data

Google Cloud Natural Language can analyze user sentiment from text files posted on social networking sites. Understanding user sentiment can help you improve your products and services, plan new services, and more. It is also possible to analyze receipts and invoices to accurately determine the date and amount.

  • Entity analysis: showing how important a particular word is.
  • Sentiment analysis: express positivity and negativity numerically
  • Parsing: Analyzes word parts of speech, modal relationships, etc.
  • Entity sentiment analysis: shows the sentiment in a particular word
  • Content Categorization: Categorizes content.

Free within a certain number of units

Calculated as one unit per 1,000 characters, up to 5,000 units of Entity Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Syntactic Analysis, and Entity Sentiment Analysis, and up to 30,000 units of Content Categorization are free. You can perform a lot of text analysis just in the free period, so take advantage of it aggressively.

Disadvantages of Google Cloud Natural Language

Because Google Cloud Natural Language analyzes entire texts, it is difficult to analyze complex sentences. For more detailed sentiment analysis, it is necessary to use entity extraction and other methods. For practical use, manual adjustments may be necessary after the analysis is done.


Google Cloud Natural Language is a tool that can analyze user sentiment from text data. You can determine the user’s sentiment towards a product or service, whether it is positive or negative. You can analyze a huge amount of text data even for free, so please give it a try.

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