Cause I had a chance to use a GPU environment on a shared server, but I couldn’t use sudo and had a hard time using basic git and vim, so I wrote it down. It’s hard to implement various source codes on the server without git and vim (vi is included), so I’ll try to get them into the local environment. Environment wget, gcc are included. uname -a Linux ubuntu 5.
environment uname -a Linux 4.19.0-18-cloud-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.208-1 (2021-09-29) x86_64 GNU/Linux Take over variables To share a directory name between python and bash, you can enclose it in {}. outdir = './out/' Create a directory in bash. ! mkdir -p {outdir} ! echo {outdir} ./out/ The variable was retrieved. Congratulations!