System Development

CORS error prevention in AWS Serverless configuration When I was developing my personal web application , I got a CORS error when I wanted to hit the deployed Backend API during Frontend development, and it was a bit troublesome, so I wrote down the solution. What is CORS? As you can see, CORS stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, which means that resources are shared between different domains. To be precise, it also includes port numbers, so it means sharing between different programs as well.
Configuration of this site This site is built on AWS, and uses the following services and libraries: All AWS resources are created in Cloudformation, and can be Git managed. In case you have any questions, I’ll leave you with this. AWS CloudFront (CDN) AWS API Gateway AWS S3 Hugo (static site generator) vim (editor) It is friendly to poor people like me who have no money and can be achieved at almost zero cost.
Architecture diagram of a web application site This is an architectural diagram of my personal web application . I am using the following services and libraries, and all AWS resources are created with Cloudformation and can be Git managed. The following is a diagram of our architecture. Infrastructure AWS S3 AWS CloudFront (CDN) AWS API Gateway AWS Lambda AWS DynamoDB AWS SQS AWS SageMaker AWS EC2 Software Frontend : React(Typescript) Backend : Python, Go For the web application, we are using SageMaker and EC2 because it includes machine learning processing such as image and natural language processing, and thought processing such as numerical calculation.